Africa Travel Trends – What’s Up?

Travel Pulse just posted an interesting article on the 6 hot new travel trends for Africa. We agree with them but want to add two more.

With the Baby Boomers having a safari at the top of their bucket list, and they should right? We believe that you’re also going to see people come back to Africa more in the past. Why? Well, for a large number of tourists, especially Americans, they don’t fully understand the African travel experience until they’ve been there at least once.

For example, travelers to the Mara in Kenya will have seen amazing pictures of safari goers out on foot in the bush – it’s not till they’ve been there do they realize that these pictures were taken inside private conservancies like the Naboisho Conservancy where the guides from camps like Encounter Mara will take you out for long walks on the private land.

Nor do first time visitors realize what a difference it makes to go to Uganda and see the gorillas or how far away and how amazing a place like Namibia is from say, the Mara in Kenya.

What other Africa travel trends are out there? Well, you tell us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.



There are some last minute specials now available from Travel On The Good to go to the Mara this year for the amazing migration of animals (August and September travel.) Please email if you are interested.



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