Naboisho Benefits From Teamwork And Travel

James Cannon Boyce, Founder of Travel On The Good and CommonSense.Agency, has spent the past several months leading an amazing Good2Go project benefiting the Naboisho Conservancy in Kenya.  The purpose of Good2Go is to help non-profits like Naboisho get to the next level by determining the one thing they most need help with and then finding the people who can help them overcome that barrier. Naboisho is Good2Go’s first project in Africa.

“Naboisho is a 50,000 acre conservancy integrated into the Masai Mara National Reserve and sits in a critical area for the wildlife migration. It also is a conservancy that is run by a board that is half Masai elders and half ecotour operators. It’s a special place with a special mission that fit all the requirements for a great first project.”

Read more about this amazing project and James’s thoughts on the essential elements of a successful non-profit in his Medium article, ‘The Power of Coming Together.’

You too can contribute to this project by traveling to Naboisho. Please visit our specials page or email us at to find out more.

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