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There’s nothing better than traveling and going on an adventure of a lifetime. We’ve done a lot of traveling and even just writing this makes us want to head back to Zambia (where we came face to face with the elephant pictured here.) We were also just thinking it would be a great time to go back to the Outer Islands Of The Bahamas, or maybe to Cuba again.

If you love to travel, unless you’re a gazillionaire, it’s important to get a good deal – or even a great deal, because the less you spend on this trip, the more you can spend when you decide you do want to go to Burma after all. (Or have you been to South Africa? We love everything about a country that is not only at the bottom of the continent but also is home to one of the world’s greatest cities, Cape Town.)

That’s where the first thing that’s good about Travel On The Good comes in. Our deals are the best you will find – bar none. Because of how we are set up and how we operate (and we’re going to be transparent about this – transparent like the waters off of Great Guana Cay, Abaco, Bahamas – we love that place.)

Our deals are special because they are only available here and because each and every one of them does good for you, and good for someone else, the camps, operators and agents who list them with us – list them for less. There’s a lot of reasons why but it’s most easily explained by how commissions work in the travel industry. Believe it or not, booking sites and travel agents can get up to 30% of the cost of a trip — some travel listing sites take as much as 50% of the cost.

We discovered this a few years ago when we were in Zambia, and it seemed a bit of a shame to us really. There were tourists paying $1,000 a night to stay at upscale safari lodges but the money wasn’t making it to the local nonprofits who were helping the people in the area or in some cases, providing anti-poaching services to the game parks that the tourists were paying all that money to visit. A major study on this showed that only 1% of the money spent in the region was actually benefitting the region.

And that’s not enough.

So we do two things. First, we create and share content about places that we love and people that are offering amazing opportunities to visit those places that are also doing more than their fair share of good in the region. So you know what to do and where to visit. We also collect and share content from other places and sites that are focused on how much good travel can do in the world.

Then we let people list a deal on our site – in the region where they operate. They pay us a small fee to list the deal and each deal has to include an offer to help a nonprofit or community group working in the area (in lots of parts of the world remember there aren’t nonprofits exactly like there are in the United States or Europe – there are just community groups that are helping so we don’t get caught up in defining legal status per se, we just want people who are doing good.)

The listings will be less than you pay other places because you’re dealing direct. So you save money.

The camps, operators and agents love the listing option because it’s a far cheaper and better way of getting customers and to be honest, they know they live and work in magical places, they want to help the groups around them.

And the nonprofits and community groups? Well, they appreciate any and all donations.

So were do you want to go? The Masai Mara in Kenya? Burma? Cuba? How about the Outer Islands of The Bahamas? Costa Rica? Cape Town? Take a look around the site, check out the content and the stories and then pick a destination, and grab yourself a great deal.

And go away for good.

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