How We Can Help Now.

Eco-tourism has done so much good in the last twenty years – preserving and protecting amazing places like the island of Chole off the coast of Tanzania, or the unknown areas of Inle Lake in Myanmar.

We both have had the opportunity to visit Naboisho in Kenya – were the local community benefits greatly from tourism revenue, and tourists benefit greatly from a once–in-a-lifetime safari experience in isolation and beauty.

fullsizeoutput_2aaAs Covid-19 started to spread across the world, and we saw the impact on the travel industry, we worried not for the large hotel chains, or the airlines, but for these special places around the world that need revenue to survive. And to provide for their staff, and community.

For years we have also had the idea of how could we digitally unite people and properties around the world – so more people visit more properties who are doing good in their communities.

The Covid-19 crisis and its immediate and substantial impact on some of our favorite places spurred us to more immediate action.

First, we are reaching out to properties around the world – if you own such a property, or if you know of some, please email Greg Bows at We are going to work with the properties to create a community of like-minded people around the world.

We are also going to negotiate with the properties and pre-purchase in bulk rooms from them so that they can get much needed cash immediately.

Second, we are looking for partners to then essentially pre-pay for their travel now. The advantage is we already have 10 properties around the world and when the world opens up, partners will received at least 50% savings on their stays if not more.

If you are interested in this side of things, please email James Cannon Boyce at

Even better, of course, is that we have properties joining from South Africa to Myanmar, from Scotland to Belize, so partners will have many, many choices around the world to choose from.

We then are building a network of sites, from Africa On The Good to Asia On The Good – they will act as communities and drive some revenue to our company.

The current crisis also showed us that these special places need better support and better networks, and most certainly as the world slowly opens up and returns to a new normal, whatever that is, it will be critical that these properties have access to customers in a smarter, more efficient way.