Naboisho Benefits From Teamwork And Travel

James Cannon Boyce, Founder of Travel On The Good and CommonSense.Agency, has spent the past several months leading an amazing Good2Go project benefiting the Naboisho Conservancy in Kenya.  The purpose of Good2Go is to help non-profits like Naboisho get to the next level by determining the one thing they most need help with and then finding the people who can help them overcome that barrier. Naboisho is Good2Go’s first project in Africa.

“Naboisho is a 50,000 acre conservancy integrated into the Masai Mara National Reserve and sits in a critical area for the wildlife migration. It also is a conservancy that is run by a board that is half Masai elders and half ecotour operators. It’s a special place with a special mission that fit all the requirements for a great first project.”

Read more about this amazing project and James’s thoughts on the essential elements of a successful non-profit in his Medium article, ‘The Power of Coming Together.’

You too can contribute to this project by traveling to Naboisho. Please visit our specials page or email us at to find out more.

This Bites. #AfricaFactFriday.

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What does you ask? Well the simple fact that for every human killed by a shark, humans kill over 2,000,000 sharks. The demonization and often complete lack of understanding of sharks makes it easy to dismiss the way they are treated – which is a tragedy on many levels, for sharks are some of the most amazing creatures on earth.

For example, sharks were swimming in the earth’s oceans for 200 million years before the dinosaurs even came along – and in all those years, they really haven’t evolved much at all. That does mean, though, that they have some pretty incredible traits – such as, some species of sharks have seven rows of teeth and one row just falls in place when the shark loses a row of teeth. Sharks can go through 30,000 teeth in their lifetime.

Now, one of the best places in the world to see sharks is in the cold clear waters off of South Africa. Diving with great whites is an an amazing, albeit, cold experience (don’t worry there are plenty of wet suits available) and the chance to see these incredible animals up close is a thrill. One of the leading experts in great white sharks will actually take you out to see them – it’s just a short drive down from Cape Town and next thing you know you’ll be on the high seas with Chris Fallows.

Chris knows a lot more about sharks than we do – so he already knows that sharks don’t have a single bone in their bodies – it’s all cartilage. He also knows that of the more than 500 species of sharks, only four are considered dangerous to humans and, again, they are far less dangerous to us than we are to them.

If you go out with Chris, you might ask him about this recently discovered fact that we find interesting – despite the fact that an equal number of men and women swim in the ocean, over 90% of shark attack victims are men.

Visiting South Africa and seeing all the amazing sights that the country has to offer is a wonderful thing. Traveling there with Travel On The Good is even better – why? Book any trip to South Africa and let us know that sharks are your thing, and we’ll donate 10% of the total cost of your trip to a shark conservation project we support in Gansbaii, South Africa.

Does that mean the trip costs you more? No not at all. We have a fully-staffed top-notch travel agency in Cape Town that will get you the best possible deals (just email us where you want to go and we”ll send you some ideas and some great prices.) It’s what happens next that makes us different – and we think better. Your typical travel agent will receive a 20-30% commission for booking your trip. And keep it. We take the same commission and donate a large portion of it to a non-profit in the part of Africa where you’re visiting.

You pay the same – or less.

The hotel, resort or safari camp where you are staying receives the same amount they usually would.

We operate a little leaner, but not meaner, and we donate 10% of the trip or 1/3rd of the commission because we think a bit more of your hard-earned travel dollars should stay on the ground in Africa and not go in travel agent’s pockets.

Now, if you’re into sharks, like really into sharks and an hour in the cage just won’t do it. Here’s some great news.

Our friends at African Impact have an amazing volunteer project that you can go on in Gansbaii – and work with the same group that we donate to.

There are more details here  African Impact is the best volunteer company in Africa and if you love sharks, this is the trip for you.

You might even get the chance to see two sharks courting. The male shark will bite the female shark to get her attention. No wonder they go through 30,000 teeth!

Happy To Be With The Happy Africa Foundation

It’s no surprise that we’re happy to be working with the Happy Africa Foundation. They  are an inspiring non-profit working to create long-term, positive change in the lives of individuals, families and communities in Africa. The Foundation, established in 2008 in Cape Town, works with communities in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia. It is funded mainly by donations received from volunteers working on African Impact projects.


If you haven’t already heard of African Impact, it’s yet another incredible group doing community and environmental work in Africa. As the main volunteer travel organization in Africa, African Impact offers volunteer experiences which have long lasting positive effects on the local communities in which they work. Some of our favorite trips include volunteering at the Chimpanzee and Wildlife Orphan Care Project in Zambia and the Childhood Childcare and Early Development Project in Kenya.

We could go on about African Impact’s amazing volunteering and interning opportunities, but let’s get back to the Foundation. The small devoted team creates meaningful and lasting impact by working directly with the individuals and families who live in the communities in which they work. The group focuses on health and nutrition, education and enrichment, and empowering families. If appropriate, they partner with other local organizations such as Planeterra,Timberland Italy, and Zamfund. To incite even more excitement  about the Happy Africa Foundation, we’ve highlighted five of their current projects.

  1. HEALTH AND NUTRITION: Red Hill Health and Nutrition Program in the Western Cape – Red Hill supports the schools’ feeding programs by supplementing the funds needed to purchase nutritious foods such as fruit, vegetables and rice for the children as well as teaching healthy living practices at the school.
  2. HEALTH AND NUTRITION: Linda Clinic Expansion in Livingstone – The project aims to transform Linda Clinic into a three-ward district hospital that will be able to provide the surrounding communities with better support and access to more extensive health care. This will involve the building of three wards – female, male and children’s – as an extension to the current out-patient clinic.
  3. EDUCATION AND ENRICHMENT: Jambiani Educational Community Center in Zanzibar – This project is aimed at raising the funds needed to purchase a piece of land within Jambiani village and to build a new community learning centre. Once the land is purchased, African Impact volunteers will work alongside local volunteers to clear the land of vegetation and coral rocks, dig the foundations and then help concrete the foundations.
  4. EDUCATION AND ENRICHMENT: Mukeo Farming for Special Needs Children in Limuru – Mukeu plans to start a farming project in order to ensure that the centre can continue to feed the boarders and become self-sufficient in the long term. The raising of livestock and greenhouse farming have been identified as sustainable projects that will provide not only food, but also income, to the school.
  5. EMPOWERING FAMILIES: Mama Grace Garden and Chicken Project in South Africa – The Happy Africa Foundation is working with the local Department of Social Welfare and the Siyazisiza Trust to support the initiative by raising funds to provide a grant for the renovation of the existing buildings and equipment. There are also plans to develop a vegetable garden and to provide poultry management training and bookkeeping skills.

Read about many more amazing projects on Happy Africa Foundation’s website.

You can contribute to Happy Africa Foundation’s work in Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania, by taking an unforgettable trip to one of these unforgettable places.  When you book with Travel On The Good, we donate a portion of the cost to the Foundation and their projects. When you Travel On The Good, we’re all going somewhere – you, The Happy Africa Foundation, and the many communities they benefit.

Check out our current trip offerings, the Tuli Wilderness Camp in Botswana and the Encounter Mara Camp in Kenya.