Properties And Partners


We are working right now on outreach to sustainable, positive travel eco-lodges, camps and properties around the world – we are seeking to get them finds immediately and then working with them to create a community of support.

If you own or operate such a property, please email Greg Bows,


So what is a partner at Travel On The Good?

They are individuals who know that travel, and tourism, when done correctly, can be of enormous benefit to the world. Many of our partners have visited properties we have been involved in like the Naboisho Conservancy in Kenya – or Inle Sanctuary in Myanmar.

Partners are also people who want to travel in the future and now, you can both help now and benefit later – here’s how it works.

Partners pre-buy travel vouchers which can be used over the next five years. The minimum purchase is $2,500 and the maximum is $25,000.

These funds are used to pre-purchase bed nights at our community properties around the world right now – giving them valuable and much needed cash to survive.

As travel returns, partners have access, on a space available basis, to use their vouchers and this will represent a savings of up to 50% and perhaps even more versus a property’s normal rates.

For example, we have negotiated a rate at a premium safari camp in Kenya of $100 per night – we purchased 40 bednights at this price – versus a standard rate of $500. The $4,000 we sent them will help them stay afloat till travel normalizes.

Our partners then can spend 5 nights here for $500 versus $2,500.

Your money now can make a critical business-saving contribution to these properties.

And your thank-you is remarkable savings in the future.


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