Cape Town – Top 10 City Again.

We are ardent fans of Cape Town – we love the natural beauty of the city – the uniqueness of being perched at the bottom of Africa and we love the people there. Cape Town consistently gets ranked in the top ten cities in the world and here’s “Travel And Leisure” again putting it right up there with the world’s special places.

Cape Town – ranked in top ten again.

And yes this is why in the fall when we launch, we’re launching with Cape Town as one of our first destinations.


The Best City In The World? Yes.

Before my very first visit to Cape Town, everyone I know who really has traveled told me that Cape Town is the best city in the world. Now, the world has a lot of great cities and I always questioned everyone’s certainty.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

It is the best city in the world, bar none, and it’s not just my opinion.

This is a city that has only really been open to the world for the last two decades, and it still offers excellent value for money and a sense of new discovery. Small wonder then that Cape Town has – for the third year in a row – won our readers’ vote as the best city in the world to visit.

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