2016 Is The Year To Travel On The Good.

At this time of year, you often see the major travel magazines or newspaper travel writers bring out their must see places of the year – like this one from the Telegraph in the UK.

Here at Travel On The Good, we fully support traveling in 2016 and we hope that all your travel dreams come true but we’d like to add one more consideration to where you go and that’s whether or not your travel dollars are really doing as much good as they should.

Now, we are not a fan of boring vacations – we want you to go to the absolute best places. Our top list starts with Kenya, then Cape Town, and we’re huge fans of Northern Laos, Burma, and Costa Rica but when you go, just make sure you and everyone in the place you’re visiting get the most for your money.

We learned a valuable lesson a few years back in Zambia, in South Luangwa to be precise where the most remarkable Flatdogs Camp is (another of our favorites and to be honest the single best safari camp in Africa for kids.)

Many of the camps in the area were working with and supporting and help Project Luangwa. But I was most surprised and shocked to discover that not all of them were. Some of the camps even refused to give as little as $5 a night to the project (and remember, we’re talking rates of $500 – $700 per night.) What I realized then is that the same quality of safari was available from a great camp that truly supported the local community (and helped with conservation and anti-poaching and a few other minor details) as it was from a camp that didn’t.

Our resolution for 2016 is to help keep shifting some of the everyone’s travel budget from the companies, lodges and camps that actually do good from the ones that only talk the talk. (Watch out for our special TravelTurfing series where well, we’ll slam people who don’t live up to their green hype.)

Travel and seeing the world is an amazing blessing – we’re all about the journey. We just hope you’ll join us in traveling with the right people because as you know, that makes all the difference.



Should You Safari With Kids? A Thousand Times Yes.

I first took my kids to Africa when my son was eleven and my daughter was seven. We visited Cape Town and then had the experience of a lifetime going up to Flatdogs Camp in South Luangwa region of Zambia (still to this day one of my favorite camps in Africa.)

It was a trip that changed their lives, and mine. I watched as their eyes opened in wonder at seeing their first elephant. I saw them appreciate nature in a way that they never had at home. They got wonderfully used to waking up before dawn, going to bed under the stars and understanding when the electricity went out or if their first choice wasn’t available at dinner.

We brought school supplies for a local school and wandered through the towns near the national camp. There wasn’t a piece of technology in sight and it was an incredible trip.

When we returned, it got even better.

Both of my children kept asking about Africa, about the camp and about the guide who had taken us around. They soon started asking about when we were going back and my son wrote down a list of the animals that he still wanted to see – with a cheetah at the top. We were fortunate enough to be able to return to Zambia last summer and on that trip, a cheetah ran right by us on our last drive.

Once upon a time, safari camps didn’t really cater so much to kids and some still exclude them. More and more, however, camps are not only welcoming children but also there are increased activities for them. I can’t imagine a better family vacation. I am still partial to Flatdogs I confess, but there are camps where you, and your family, will have an amazing experience in virtually every locale at this point.

So grab the kids, and paper and pencils, and head to Africa. I promise you that you will never regret it. I am happy to directly answer any questions about traveling there with kids, just email me at james@travelonthegood.com